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London Skyscraper Restaurants and how much they cost.

London’s skyline is expanding at an astonishing rate. 10 years ago the city was nearly as flat as a pancake, now we have a new tower shooting up what seems like every month! Fortunately it’s not only the city workers who get to enjoy the views; restaurants have taken the opportunity to distinguish themselves by taking up residence in London’s tallest buildings.

Knowing which restaurants are in which tower (and how high up they are) can be a tad confusing, so I’ve drawn up this list of every skyscraper restaurant in London. My list shows you which restaurant is in which tower and roughly how much it will cost per person. It’s in height order as well; so you can decide for yourself how high your vertigo will allow you to go!

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London Skyscraper Restaurants in height order:


Duck and Waffle – Heron Tower

ws-Duck-Waffle1London skyscraper restaurants

Located on the 40th floor of the Heron tower this is London’s (and the UK’s) highest restaurant. The bar and restaurant are both open 24 hours a day so if you’re looking for a very late night snack then this is the place to go.

Type of food: Classic European and British

Need to book?: For the restaurant, yes, but you can go up any time for the bar.

Price: £35 – £50 per person

Sushi Samba – Heron Tower

sushisamba2-1200x799London skyscraper restaurants

This is the second restaurant in the Heron tower and is situated on the still very high 38th floor. What makes Sushi Samba extra special is the outdoor terraces, which provide absolutely stunning views of the whole of London.

Type of food: Fusion of Japanese and South American

Need to book?: You need to book the restaurant, but there is a cocktail bar where you can go up any time

Price: £30 – £50 per person

Frenchurch Seafood bar and grill


This is one of the newest restaurants on my list having only opened in early 2015. This restaurants location in the brand new ‘Walkie Talkie’ skyscraper makes it once of the highest in London and has great views all over the city. It’s on the same floor as the Sky Garden, which is free to visit. This restaurant classes itself as a premium eating destination, which is reflected in the quality of the food (and the price).

Type of food: Grilled meats and fish

Need to book?: Yes

Price: £45 – £70 per person

Darwin Brassiere

London skyscraper restaurants - Darwin Brassierewalkie-talkie-tower-being-blamed-reflecting-heat-street-pic-canary-wharf

This is another of the Walkie Talkie Skyscrapers new restaurants, again located on the top floor with fantastic views. Darwin Brassiere offers a slightly more casual experience than its neighbour; with classic British dish’s like fish and chips proudly on the menu. The price is on the more affordable end considering its glamorous location.

Type of food: Classic British and standard European

Need to book?: Yes

Price: £25 – $45 per person


TING-Shangri-La-Hotel-At-The-Shard-London-770x315See London from Above.

There are 4 restaurants in London’s tallest building, The Shard, Ting is the highest of them all. Located on the 35th floor as part of the 5* Shangri – La Hotel, Ting is an upmarket restaurant for those looking for a unique experience.

Type of food: European with subtle Asian influences

Need to book?: Yes

Price: £40 – £70 per person


Hutong Shard RestaurantSee London from Above.

This is a skyscraper restaurant like no other; if you are looking for sky high dining with a real Asian influence then this is the place to go. Hutong is the second restaurant in The Shard on my list and offers a genuine North Chinese experience with some of the most stunning décor I’ve seen in a restaurant.

Type of food: North Chinese 

Need to book?: Yes

Price: £40 – £70 per person


Oblix ShardSee London from Above.

Another Shard restaurant, Oblix has been rated one of the best new places to eat in the past year and has received excellent reviews. Located roughly half way up the Shard, the views are spectacular and allow you to see for miles.

Type of food: Wide range of meats, fish and vegetarian options. 

Need to book?: Yes

Price: £40 – £70 per person


Aqua ShardSee London from Above.

Aqua may be the last Shard restaurant on my list, but it’s certainly not the least. This British style restaurant offer panoramic views across London and is perfect for a special occasion.

Type of food: British with some American influences  

Need to book?: You need to book the restaurant, but the bar is accessible at any time.

Price: £40 – £70 per person

Galvin at Windows

Galvin at WindowsLondon Hilton Park Pane

This is a Michelin star restaurant located on the 28th floor of the prestigious Hilton Park Lane hotel. The views from this unique skyscraper restaurant are stunning, with Hyde park located just next door. This may be a view better suited to day time viewing but regardless of when you go you are guaranteed a sensational meal.

Type of food: Distinctly French with other European influences  

Need to book?: Yes

Price: £70 for three courses


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There you have it, these restaurants represent the highest and finest in the country. You won’t find high street prices in any of them, but for a special occasion I can’t think of anything better than fine dining whilst looking out over the beautiful sprawling metropolis. If you’ve been to any of these skyscraper restaurants then let me know what you though in the comments section.



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