Adult Playtime: Ridiculously Fun Things to do in London for Adults Only!

In many ways, London is one big playground. If you are looking to escape the responsibility of being a grown up or just want a break from your kids, why not check out 7 of the most ridiculously fun things to do in London which are for adults only.

Chelsea Clip n Climb – A crazy climbing experience

Do you ever watch Bear Grylls scaling a cliff face on TV and remember when you were a child and you used to climb walls and trees? Now, you can enjoy the same sense of freedom in a completely adult setting. Chelsea Clip n Climb normally offers mixed sessions in which adults and young people climb together. However, you can also attend on weeknights after 6 pm to enjoy the exciting challenges on offer such as the Vertical Drop Slide which can only be accessed via the most difficult section of wall.

If you are feeling competitive, you could challenge your friends to race on the Stairway to Heaven climbing course. You can  book adult only sessions if you have a large group of people, contact the centre to find out more!

I had a great time when I came here, see my review.


2020 Archery

If you have ever watched archery during the Olympics and thought that you could do that, now is your time to find out if you can. The 2020 Archery Centre, located in Southwark, offers many different target shooting activities which are supervised by fully qualified instructors.

By booking as an adult only group, you can enjoy fun activities which are not suitable for kids, such the soft arrow target shooting competition, in which the targets are the other members of your team. The day finishes with a team competition and the chance to win some silverware and bragging rights. You can even book a thrilling session of Archery Tag, which is exactly as fun as it sounds.

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London Zoo Lion Lodge

If you are looking for an exciting place to stay in London, why not book a bed at the Lion London Zoo? Since the accommodation opened in May 2016, hundreds of people have enjoyed a stay in one of the nine wood panelled cabins which are located just feet away from a group of Asiatic lions.

The area around the lodges has been decorated to resemble an Indian village, with authentic vehicles, stalls and other props. If you book on one of the adults only nights, you can be sure that you will be woken by the growling of a lion rather than the scream of a small child. During your stay, a zookeeper will take you on an evening tour of the African section so you can take a look at the hippos, meerkats and lemurs on display. Finally, it will be time to head back to the lodge to sleep next door to your new lion friends.


Ballie Ballerson – A completely mad ball pit bar

Have you ever watched children playing at the local play centre and wished that you could join in? Well, now you can relive the experience of messing around in a ball pit at the Ballie Ballerson in East London. The venue, which is located on two floors of a building in Dalston features a ball pit which is filled with over 200,000 plastic balls. Take turns with your friends to see who can do the best stunt dive into the pit.

The fun is soundtracked by DJs who play everything from techno to disco from their ball pit music booth. Once you have had enough of the ball pit fun, you can head upstairs to the chill out zone and cafe and enjoy a retro cocktail which features some childhood favourites such as Dip Dabs, Wham Bars and Iron Brew.

BallieBallerson Website 

The Crystal Maze – Dun dun dun dun dun….DUN DUN

The Crystal Maze was a TV hit during the early 90s. Every Saturday, people around the nation would tune in to see Richard O’Brien dash around with a team of hapless contestants as they attempted to complete challenges in order to win a water sports activity weekend in Skegness.

Now it’s your turn to take on the Crystal Maze challenge. Located close to Angel tube station, the London Crystal Maze allows you and your mates to test your skills playing games in recreations of the Industrial, Futuristic, Medieval and Aztec zones from the original show. Finally, you will get to face your biggest challenge inside the Crystal Dome.

Go to the Crystal Maze Website


Swingers Crazy Golf

The majority of people find golf to be a very tedious sport. However, at Swingers Crazy Golf, the game has been given a real injection of fun. The 1920s style venue, which is located just around the corner from the Gherkin, offers a two nine hole crazy golf courses, 3 street food stalls and amazing drinks served from one of 5 bars. Later in the night,  when one of the clubs DJs hits the decks, you can swap crazy golf for crazy dancing. With no kids around, you will be able to party late into the night and have a blast.

Go to the Swingers Crazy Golf Website


Escape Rooms – Who can outsmart the room? 

Do you think you could escape from a locked room with the help of your friends? The various escape rooms which are scattered around the city give you the chance to use your wits and your strength to overcome challenges and escape.

Mission Breakout is located inside the abandoned South Kentish Town tube station, which has been closed since 1924. During your visit, you will be immersed in a WW2 style story which leaves you with just 60 minutes to escape a locked room using nothing but your common sense and quick thinking.

If modern day James Bond antics are more your thing, then a visit to Cluequest on the Caledonian Rd should be right up your street. Invite your pals down to play this real life escape game. You will find yourself in a room facing a door which has several locks. Even if you do not manage to escape using your super spy skills, you will still have a great laugh.

Visiting one of the these ridiculously fun but adult things to do in London proves that being a grown up doesn’t mean that you can’t act crazy and challenge yourself (and most importantly, no kids allowed).


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