Thames Speed Boat Ride for Two | Rocket Speed Boat Voyage

£105 (for 2 people)

Speed your way down the river Thames and explore the centre of the city. An adrenaline junkie's dream!

Want a little bit of thrill on your river tour of London? Why not try this ultimate rocket speedboat tour which blasts through the river Thames at 35 knots. You’ll be taken on an 80-minute adventure where you’ll learn about London’s landmarks in between adrenaline-raising, super fast stunts and turns on a high-powered speed boat.

What happens on the day

You’ll start at Millenium Pier in central London. Once you’ve boarded the speedboat you’ll be taken rather leisurely through central London and your onboard tour guide will give you some insights into the history of the famous buildings lining the river. It won’t be long till the speed it kicked up a notch and you’re holding on for dear life as the speedboat jets through the water.

The boat will slow when another interesting building comes into view, which will be quite frequently as this cruise takes you several miles down the river Thames and back again. Further downstream the river becomes wider and the stunts and turns performed by the speedboat operator more extreme!

This is one of London’s top adrenaline pumping experiences, and you may even learn a thing or two about the capital on the way!


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