London Attractions Price Comparison 2016

London remains one of the most expensive cities in the world. Even with the recent drop in the value of the £, it would be rare to find a tourist who would describe London as cheap.

Despite this London has cemented its position as the most popular destination for tourists worldwide and the numbers keep on growing. London’s success as a tourist destination is in no doubt partly thanks to the huge variety of attractions the city has to offer, yet many worry that they won’t be able to afford to go everywhere they want to.

I’ve taken a selection of popular London attractions and checked the lowest price available for adults and children, so you can compare them directly and decide which ones are within your budget. The attractions selected are by no means comprehensive, but there are a good selection of child friendly, more adult orientated and some of the most popular.

Price Comparison of major London attractions


White Water Rafting


What is it: The White Water Rafting centre on the outskirts of North London is a water slalom centre built for the London Olympics, now open to the public. You can try your hand at canoeing, rafting down the rapids, or something called ‘hydrospeeding’, which sounds amazing. It’s an exhilarating day out in a state of the art facility.

Price for adults: £35 – £50 depending on activity

Price for children: 14+ only. Same price as adults.


Thames Speed Boat Tour

thames speed boat

What is it: Another aquatic experience, this time on the river Thames. You’ll be taken on a river tour through central London and then have the calm shattered with high speed turns and blasting trough the water at 35mph. It’s educational and adrenaline pumping.

Price for adults: £25 – £38 depending on type of experience

Price for children £15 – 25.90


Up the 02

See London from above

What is it: A unique experience to say the least. Climb over the dome of the famous 02 arena using specialized harnesses (don’t worry it’s safe). A platform in the centre allows you to take a breath and enjoy a magnificent view.

Price for Adults: £28 (£35 for sunset or twilight climb)

Price for Children: Same as adults


The View from the Shard

Visitors look out from the Shard viewing platform

What is it: The highest viewing point in the whole of western Europe, located at the top of The Shard building. Considered the best view of London, the View from the Shard provides stunning 360 degree views of the city.

Price for Adults: £25.95

Price for Children: £19.95


London Zoo


What is it: One of the worlds first zoo’s, London zoo is home to hundreds of exotic animals or all shapes and sizes. Get up close and personal with reptiles, monkeys, giraffes and tigers (as well as many other species)

Price for Adults: £24.95

Price for Children: £17.60


Tower of London

The Tower of London -One of the many attractions available on The Entertainer App

What is it: The world famous castle is nearly 1000 years old and is in pristine condition. Much of the original tower remains as it was when it was built. Visitors can explore the whole grounds of the castle as well as view the priceless crown jewels which are stored in the tower.

Price for Adults: £21.00

Price for Children: £9.50


London Eye

The London Eye Day Out In London

What is it: It hardly needs and introduction, the London eye is London’s most popular attraction by some way. Taking a trip on the London eye seems to have become a right of passage for tourists and it’s not hard to see why. The riverside location provides stunning views of central London.

Price for Adults: £21.20

Price for Children: £16.10


Madame Tussaud’s


What is it: If you are desperate to see your favorite celebrities and you don’t have the time to wait outside their homes, why not do the next best thing and visit the life-like waxworks at Madame Tussaud’s. The London branch of the famous waxworks is considered one of the best in the world, there are also special exhibitions that run seasonally.

Price for Adults: £29.00

Price for Children: £24.00


The Orbit

The Orbit Day Out In London

What is it: Built as a lasting monument for the London Olympics, The Orbit is the largest piece of public art in the UK. It’s also a viewing platform and has recently been fitted with the longest slide in the world. The east London views are great but the real thrill is the slide which is lasts 45 seconds and is mostly pitch black.

Price for Adults: £15.00

Price for Children: £10.00


Cutty Sark

The interior of the new Cutty Sark museum

What is it: The Cutty Sark is a ancient clipper ship that once sailed for the royal navy, it’s now preserved as a stunning museum. The ship has been raised over the ground as part of a multi-million pound renovation so you can now walk under the structure.

Price for Adults: £16.80

Price for Children: £7.70


Battersea Children’s Zoo


What is it: This small zoo is perfect if you want to introduce your children to animals in a safe and friendly environment. All the animals here are small and playful. You’ll be able to

Price for Adults: £8.95

Price for Children: £6.95


The average price of an adult ticket for the above attractions: £22.80

The average price of a child ticket for the above attractions: £17.25

Do you think these attractions are fairly priced? Can you spot a bargain or a complete rip off? Let me know in the comments below.

This post follows on from a similar post I made in 2014, if you want to see how prices have changed since then you can read my price change post.


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