This is what the London City skyline could look like in 10 years.

If you haven’t noticed the skyscraper boom that’s occurred in the past 10 years in London you must have been living under a rock!

It all kicked off in 2002 when the Gherkin was completed and it didn’t take long for Londoners to fall in love with the weird futuristic building.

Since then, a flurry of massive towers have swept across the city transforming the skyline with bright lights and blue glass. The skyscraper boom isn’t at an end, however.

This image illustrates the towers that are either under construction or have been approved in the City of London. They should all be built within the decade and others may join them in the mean time!

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This represents the future of London’s skyline but people will already recognise the Leadenhall Building and 20 Fenchurch Street which are both nearing completion; as well as these, there are at least 4 more towers over 90 metres that are sure to be built in this small square mile.

As you can see, the tradition of nicknaming London’s tall buildings is still holding strong. Before any concrete has been laid names like ‘The Scalpel’ and ‘Helter Skelter’ are sticking strong; I especially like ‘The Can of Ham’.

This image only represents the future of the Square Mile. Dozens of other skyscrapers are planned throughout the city. The Standard reports that the number of skyscraper in London is set to double, including massive 75 storey towers in Canary Wharf and a whole new cluster of towers near Battersea.

Whether you agree with the new craze for tall buildings in London, or not, they are here to stay and plenty more are on their way. We must ensure that London’s historic sights are not impugned by these massive buildings, but London has always found a way to mix old and new and I see no reason for that to change.

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