London Lumiere – An amazing festival of light!

London Lumiere is a raging success! The 4 day festival of flight brought tens of thousands of Londoners out of the warmth of their homes and onto the cold January streets to witness over 30 light exhibits. Roads were closed, crowds formed and some exhibits had to be switched off due to their huge popularity, despite this minor mishap the organisers and artists must be thrilled at the level of interest shown by Londoners.

Who can blame them, every exhibit was stunning in its own right. The creative use of light has never been stretched further and I for one was extremely impressed at the scale of some of the pieces. As I said before, there were over 30 exhibits spread thought the west end and Kings Cross and I was only able to see a half dozen or so, but what I did see I enjoyed thoroughly.

If you missed it and are now wondering what the fuss was all about, never fear, because I filmed my whole journey for you! Watch this video to take a glimpse at my favourite exhibits from London Lumiere. Apologies for the occasionally wobbly footage, I forgot to  bring my tripod!


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