A New Cocktail Bar for Clerkenwell!


Clerkenwell is fast becoming a hot-spot for new bars, cafe’s and trendy shops, likely due to its proximity to the start-up capital of Europe, Old Street Roundabout. One of the largest new bars to open in the area is Grind, which I recently visited on their opening night.

Grind Clerkenwell is located approximately 15 minutes walk from Old Street Tube Station. Grind has several successful bars dotted around London, in fact they have a branch just outside Old Street Station, so why should you bother to walk to Clerkenwell?

To start with, this Branch of Grind is much larger, is located over two floors with ample room to sit, eat, dance and enjoy the rather unique range of cocktail available.

Grind have clearly put a lot of effort into this new establishment, in fact one member of staff mentioned that their very comfortable seating costs £20,000! At this point I made extra care to not give in to my clumsiness and be the first to spill my drink.


The drinks on offer are a range of classic cocktails and some rather unique ones. Not all to my taste to be honest but there will be something for everyone. You’ll also find the normal range of beers, ciders and prosecco; I found the latter to be particularly delicious and sweet.

I’ve not spent a huge amount of time in Clerkenwell, but I would happily go back and revisit Grind. If you are in the area I suggest you do the same if you want somewhere classy to hang out and enjoy some tasty cocktails.


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