Flip Out E6 Review: London’s craziest playground

Flip Out E6 is one of a crop of trampoline parks that have sprung up in London, but this is a trampoline park with a difference. Not only does it have two giant floors of trampolines, it also has a lazer room, climbing walls and a vertical slide which makes Flip Out E6 one of the best playgrounds for both children and adults.

I visited Flip Out E6 to try out this crazy, brand new funzone for myself, read on to see exactly what it’s like

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Flip Out E6

A huge playground for everyone. Filled with not only trampolines, but climbing walls and other activities.

Child Friendly
Value for Money
  • Fun for kids and adults
  • Huge venue
  • Large range of activities
  • Not too expensive
  • Location
  • Can get busy
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OK, the bad news first, Flip Out E6 is not in a great location for if you are going to get there via public transport. The closest station is East Ham which, unless you are already in East London, is pretty far out on the District Line. Once you get to East Ham there is a 15 minute walk to get to Flip Out. Is the long trip worth it? Probably, and almost all other similar trampoline parks are located on the outskirts of London anyway.

The Venue

Flip Out is one of the largest trampoline parks in the city. It’s spread out over 2 huge floors, each packed with various sized trampolines and other activities. The building itself looks like it used to be a theatre or cinema. When you enter you are greeted by a queue for the front desk where you either buy your tickets or redeem your online booking. If I were you I’d book in advance because the place gets pretty filled up.

Each session lasts 1 hour and you need to wait until your allotted time to enter the park, so you may need to wait a while if you are early. Just before your session starts you’ll need to watch a safety video, which basically tells you not to kill yourself. The waiting area has a cafe with plenty of seats as well as lockers and some games, enough to keep you entertained.

Let The Games Begin

After you’ve locked your stuff away in the provided lockers, you can enter the main park. The lower floor is split between a dozen or so trampolines, a kind of mini “ninja warrior” course and a separate lazer room. The trampolines are spread out and even with up to a hundred people spread out, there is still enough room for everyone.

The lazer room requires you to carefully navigate a laze of lazers without tripping them. Unfortunately this is fairly redundant as just one person tripping a lazer resets the whole maze. With kids often running through the area the whole lazer zone doesn’t really work.

Thankfully the lazer zone is the only area that’s not fun; everywhere else is a blast. The obstacle course is small, but still challenging. You can even time yourself and try and beat the best score of the day.

There is a foam pit where you can practice your back-flips without fearing for your spine. You can even challenge your friends to a gladiator style battle.

Upstairs – Climbing walls and vertical slide

There are two floors in Flip Out E6, and I think the most fun areas are on the second floor. Here you’ll find even bigger, bouncier trampolines along with a vertical slide and climbing walls. On the day I visited the second floor was quieter than the lower floor and provided a more child free experience for those not visiting to entertain their kids.

The vertical slide is exactly that, vertical. There was a huuuuge queue for this slide so I didn’t give it a go (nothing to do with me being scared of heights), but it’s a very quick way to get back down stairs.

My absolute favorite section of the whole establishment is the climbing wall area. You’ll need to put your shoes back on if you want to try out the climbing walls, but it will be worth it. There will be two expert climbers there to assist you in putting on your climbing gear and attach you to the safety harnesses.

The safety equipment is designed in such a way that if you fall you’ll glide back to the ground without a bump. This means that even someone with no climbing experience (i.e. me) can have a go without fear. There are nearly a dozen climbing walls at various difficulties and the staff members will be there to help you and give you advice.

I’m not sure why I enjoyed the climbing so much, maybe you won’t, but it’s yet another activity in this big fun house.

Final thoughts

After an hour I was pretty much done. It’s long enough to be jumping and climbing and you’ll  be pretty tired after 60 minutes. If you are taking your kids here to wear them out, this will definitely do the trick. I really enjoyed my trip to flip out, the equipment is new, working well and its large enough to accommodate a large number of people that visit every hour.

I’ve been to a few trampoline parks in London and enjoyed all of them, however Flip Out E6 is definitely the most fun. I’ve never been somewhere that has so many activities under one roof. This can be a playground just for adults or a kid friendly adventure. If you’d rather not be surrounded by children then don’t visit during the weekend on school holidays. The only downside is the location and the fact it can be a tad busy, but the same can be said of any similar park.

A shout out to the staff as well, who were all extremely helpful. It might have helped that the whole place has only been open a few weeks, let’s hope their great attitude is a permanent fixture!

I’d recommend Flip Out E6 for anyone who wants a fun filled day out that will fill up a weeks quota of exercise. Go to the Flip Out website to book your time slot.


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