The best tube notice boards

If you’ve ever been to London then you can’t have missed them; the tube is dotted with hundreds of notice boards which are primarily used to display useful information about the status of the underground, by which I mean they tell you that the line has closed and you are going to have to catch 3 buses to get home.

Thankfully the hard working staff of the London underground seem to have an excellent sense of humour which is proudly displayed via these notice boards, a much better use if you ask me. There are hundreds of examples of these funny tube notice boards around the net, I’ve only picked a few of my favourites, so if you think you’ve seen better ones let me know!

Funny Tube Notice Boards

If you’re having a bad day…



Biscuit of the week


Favourite words


Tomato logic

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The unanswerable questions.


A warning to parents of Hugo.


Apple user shame.



Thoughts of Angel


My personal favourite… A tribute to Joan.

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