How London is celebrating pride 2015

It’s here, it’s queer and it’s the biggest party of the year – it’s Pride 2015! Just when you thought London couldn’t get any more fabulous it feels like the whole city is camping up for the weekend celebrations. Let’s take a look at how some of London’s most well known sights have been showing their support.

Pride 2015 Wembley

Usually it’s the London eye that dominates the skyline with its rainbow colour display over the pride weekend, but this year it’ll have some competition. For the first time ever the giant Wembley arch will be lit up with the iconic rainbow colours.

Pride 2015 London Cab

You may have seen a few of these around town already; the iconic black cab has been given a bit of a colourful spruce up and is set to add to an already very colourful looking public transport network…

Pride 2015 London bus

…because even the buses are getting involved. Does anyone else think this should be a permanent colour theme?

Pride 2015 DLR

Perhaps the most audacious transformation on this list, this DLR train has been transformed into a ‘trainbow’ and is making sure to advertise Pride 2015 as loudly as possible.

Pride 2015 science museum

You might not recognise this one at first, but this is the science museum doing it’s bit to show some support.

Pride 2015 V and A

And just across the road another one of London’s amazing museums, the V&A, is doing the same. To have these intellectual institutions show their support is, well, fabulous!

Pride 2015 London Tesco

This is my favourite. 15 Tesco stores have had some slight modifications in the lead up to this weekend’s pride celebrations. Subtle but effective, nice one.

Pride 2015 London Home Office

This is the most important symbolic gesture on this list. The building flying this rainbow flag is the home office, just think how lucky are we to live in a country where government buildings show this symbol, and with no backlash from the public.

If all these rainbows are getting you in the mood to party, check out the official London Pride 2015 website and find out where you can join in the festivities. Remember, everyone is invited!




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